IELTS Test Preparation Tips for Listening section by Super Achievers Group


In this, you have to listen carefully first, the ideas you have heard will have to be interpreted, here you will need full attention. You will hear the recording once and you will have to answer the question carefully and answer it.

First and foremost, you need to increase your familiarity with Spoken English to get the Listening Skill Improved. It is better to read and understand the passage to understand it much bette; refer to ielts coaching in Gurgaon. To hear the sound, you will have to deal with spoken English, spoken English By learning your pronunciation corectly, you will improve by learning the language like native speaker.

Your friendship with Spoken English depends on the exposure to it, the more correct pronunciation and accent you like native speaker, the more you will be familiar with Spoken English and your listening skills will improve.

Give more importance to learning the correct pronunciation, use the dictionary to improve the pronunciation.

It would be better for you to use the talking dictionary, because it will be easy to learn the correct pronunciation of words, remember the maximum number of vocabulary, because if you do not know the meaning of words and when you listen to the recording then its cribs do not answer You will not be able to understand.

To improve the Listening Skill, you have enough options like…

  1. English Song

This will improve your listening skills, if you are a beginner now, it will be difficult for you to understand the word of song. But the time will be easier for you to understand this.

One of the best ways to learn this is that when you are listening to English song, then you can read the lyrics of the song, you can find lyrics of the song on the internet, listening to the English song, and reading along with its lyrics. Not just your Spoken English will increase communication but your listening skills will also improve.

  1. English Movies

Watching movies is very helpful in improving listening skills, listening to movie dialogues is a great way to improve listening skills. You look on movies very carefully and interested and learn in an informal way.

  1. English News

Listening to English News on daily basis also plays a vital role in improving listening skills, Newscaster will pronounce every word clearly and correctly, listening to news will improve your listening, listen daily to TV or radio .In the beginning, It will be difficult to understand this but rather you can take help from ielts centre in gurgaon so it will be easy for you to spend time. ‘practice makes a man perfect’.

  1. Most importantly Conversation in English

Discussions will help you improve your speaking and listening together, it will give you an opportunity to speak and listen in English, discuss different topics with your class mate and friends, this will benefit you very much.

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