SEO Strategy 2019


51% of the users prefer their shopping with the online e-commerce shops. Brick and mortar stores are still alive where the users can do the payment after seeing and trying the products.

If you are also running an ecommerce store, image optimization is a must with reduced image size and attractiveness to be the successful one. Decorative images are not a good way to go and also with the correct file type. Image sitemaps are necessary with optimized thumbnails.

Believe it or not, e-commerce images can really make or break your conversion rate or you can consider them everything in online shopping. They are a mode of communication here. Those e-commerce photos are more than just regular images as they are going to decide the product’s purchasing.

They should be appealing enough to stand out in the market. Investing in a flexible tripod for capturing angles is a good idea as they can take some real amazing shots consistently.

Talking about perfect images and forgetting about perfect lighting is not something we can forget. It plays an important or may be the most important factor in clicking images. Unfavorable angles and shadows are common in poor lighting that makes to look them messy. Natural light is barely available but is very sharp and defined compared to the artificial light.

Having white background can also make them look sharp and vivid. Switching up to the background is a good idea but sticking to the white makes it sharper. On a budget of hardly 5-10 dollar, a perfect image can be obtained. They all are cheap and easy to create.

Optimizing the image alt tags carefully is important as the search engines are going to know about your image through that. They add SEO value to the website. Always describe your image in simple language like the image file names. Having keywords is necessary but don’t stuff it up with them only.

If you saw something trendy, that does not mean you should follow the trend. Since loading time is a vital ranking factor, try to check your product images on each page regularly. It will surely improve the User experience and generate more leads. Verify your testing to make sure you are on the right track.

Most conversion  optimized images are those that represent some statistics, can convey the users to purchase, have real life in them, Quote images, that represent the most important points about your content, that answers a question and Graphs, Charts.

The advice of image URL goes just like the Page URL. Your Image URL architecture should be simple and mobile-friendly.

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